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MATE’s newsletter is dedicated to sharing ideas to enhance student learning and to keeping teachers informed about the teaching of English language arts. Published three times a year.
Susie Morice, editor

Missouri Youth Write

Missouri Youth Write is sponsored by MATE, the Missouri Writing Projects Network, and Prairie Lands Writing Project at Missouri Western State University to publish winning students’ writings from the Missouri Writing Region for the 2009 national Scholastic writing contest.
Rebecca Dierking, editor

Missouri Teachers Write

The MATE sponsored Missouri teacher literary magazine featuring poetry, memoir, drama, essay and short story. Published annually. Charla Jones, editor

Missouri English Bulletin

Missouri English Bulletin welcomes submissions from teachers K – University describing teacher inquiry, qualitative and quantitative research, essays on effective research-based classroom practices, teaching stories and memoirs, short pieces on teaching, book reviews (with an emphasis on Missouri teachers as authors), and poetry. Published annually.
Keri Franklin, editor